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SHMN - With deep roots, you can rise high. 

SHMN Collection is a celebration to our hometown Soderhamn and all other towns aiming to bring up strong and independent individuals. In a completely unique seamless design, we have created a graphic representing the street pattern around the Workout Empire HQ. The SHMN Crop Tee is created for your toughest workout, but could as well be worn as a fashionable top on the streets. You could also wear it like a base layers, because alike most hometowns, you’ll probably like to keep it close to our heart. 

Produced in EU. 

What makes the SHMN Crop Tee so great:

  • Seamless design - Feels like wearing nothing, looks like wearing something out of a fairy tale.

  • Unique graphic celebrating, encouraging and inspiring strong and independent women.

  • Fashionably cropped fit.

  • State of the art fabric - It breathes deeper than your yoga instructor, while the moisture wicking fabric takes perspiration into the clothes and away from you. Like a club bouncer for sweat. 

Other cool (and practical facts): 

  • 50% Polyamide 46% Polyester 4% Spandex

  • True to size. If you want a longer fit, shoot for the stars and go up (a size).

  • HANDS OFF! Don't hand wash this product. Instead, machine wash it in cold water (30°C) without detergent, then hang it up for air drying. You wouldn't like being thrown into a tumble dryer either, right?

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